Garage Clean Up Tips To Staying Healthy

Dated: May 9 2016

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Having a clean and functional garage can save you time and aggravation when you are looking for your things.  One of the most difficult parts of a garage clean up is knowing what to do with it all!  Most of the items in your garage will probably fit in one of these three categories.

Give Away:

Clothing, household goods, toys, furniture, lamps, home decor, and sporting equipment are all welcome donations.


These items can be recycled at a specialized facility but not put in your home recycling bin.  To find a location near you, use the following links :    

Small appliances

Child car seats


Cell phones

Computer Peripherals

Computer Monitors



Plastic Bucket

Plastic Tub

Black Plant Pots


Empty aerosol cans

Large blocks of white foam

Latex Paint

Deliver to a Hazardous Waste Facility:

These items can be flammable and / or toxic.  Do not throw them out.  They can harm soil and water supplies.  Fumes may be dangerous.

There are two metro locations to handle these items.  There may be fees for some items.  The website explains how to get the lowest fees possible.


Oregon City :  

Neighborhood Collection Events : These free events are scheduled at different locations around Metro Portland during the summer months.  Go here for more information:

Safety Tip : Wear eye protection, gloves and a ventilation mask.  Make sure all products are labeled and tightly secured.  Pack in a leak proof box.

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Oil based paint

Spray Paint

Paint Stripper

Paint Shavings

Paint Thinner

Clear Wood Finish

Wood Preservatives

Automotive :


Batteries : auto and home

Brake Fluid



Motor oil and filters

Automotive cleaners and waxes

Transmission Fluid

Windshield Wiper Solution


Pool and Spa chemicals

Pesticides and poisons

Oven cleaner

Note: This list is for items commonly found in a garage.  If you find something in your garage that is not on this list, contact metro.

Tip: Latex paint can be recycled. “ Metro Paint” accepts donated paints and remixes them for later use.  The prices are great.  If you are going to be starting a painting project this summer, take a look!  

Properly ridding your garage of odds and ends that may contain dangerous chemicals is a great way to celebrate summer!  Oregon is beautiful.  Keep in that way!

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